The Mama Wilfrida Children’s Home located in Kenya, Africa was named after the mother of Pastor Samson Nyameche. Pastor Nyameche was orphaned after his loving and GOD fearing mother was killed for being a Christian. He ran for his young life at the age of 12 and roamed the streets for 3 years until a Catholic Priest took him to live in an orphanage. As time went by, Pastor Nyameche turned his life over to Jesus Christ and was never the same. Now married to Betty Nyameche, determined and with a new lease on life, and through varies Divine Acts of GOD the orphanage was opened with 2 children. MWCH is home to children whose parents have died from AIDS or have been abandoned. The children vary in ages from 4 years old to High School age. Since most of the children never attended school, they can not start at the school grade that coincides with their age–must start at the very beginning. The children have captured the spirit of Pastor Nyameche-determined to overcome. They are extremely eager to learn and make a difference in this world! Operation Library Kenya Africa is an effort to raise the funds needed to provide a library that not only will help enhance their education, but to be an inspiration that ONE CAN DARE TO DREAM REGARDLESS OF AGE, RACE, GENDER, RELIGION, AND SOCIAL STATUS. The children are Big Dreamers! They dream of being doctors, engineers, and teachers, just to name a few. Just like the Catholic Priest that got involved in Pastor Nyameche’s life and gave a 12 year old orphan a chance to dream-you can do the same.