Interest Groups

NCF is host to a multitude of talents and interests. Below are the interest groups that we have started. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email with your idea for a new group.

This group was formed in November of 2018. The name of the group is based on Romans 8:15 and Isaiah 64:8 - Avinu means Father and we are His vessels. Our objective is “To give glory to The Only One that is worthy of praise and worship, to Jesus our Lord, our Savior, our King, to The One True God. To worship in spirit and truth. It is all about Him”. Each of us love to worship and praise God for everything He is and everything He does. It is our aim to always worship in sprit and truth John 4:23-24, and to be an instrument to God for Him to minister the church through worship/praise. As children of The Most High we use the gift that He gave us for His glory. Please click the image above to sign up.

Our vision for the group is to spend time building friendships, accountability, and prayer buddies. Before you come, spend time preparing your heart to listen and share. As we walk I am hoping friendships and conversation can form. Our hikes will be anywhere from 3 to 5 miles long. We will stop midway through to spend time in Bible study and have a snack. Please wear comfortable sneakers or boots and bring any food or drink for yourself and whoever comes with you. If you're interested in joining this group please click the image above to sign up!

Ladies Praise & Prayer meets every 2nd Monday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Old Buggy Inn. This group is for women of like faith and like mind to meet in a safe environment where you can feel free to express yourself through song and prayer. Annette will share a short verse or synopsis of what the Lord has laid on her heart for that month. Ladies can share and feel safe to voice their needs. All the ladies will join in prayer together. If you have a favorite song/hymn, please let Annette know and she will do her best to incorporate that into a Praise and Prayer session. Please click the image above to sign up!

The primary purpose of a RIDING CLUB is to ride motorcycles. Members get together to enjoy rides, with little or no other commitment or requirement. As disciples of Jesus Christ our conduct as individuals and members of this club should follow the actions of our Lord. We ride for fellowship and enjoyment – yet God’s TRUTH is our guide! We will try to have a ride each month year round to enjoy our shared passion for the Lord and freedom of the open road. Please click the image above to sign up!

The purpose of this photography club is to gather individuals who have a desire to serve our faith family, learn some new photography skills, and using our cameras to focus on the world around us. The first meeting in a month we will go over different photography techniques and the second meeting we will go out and practice our new skills. This group will also have an opportunity to try out their skills at our NCF events. We often have a need to have photographers on hand to document our events or take pictures of individuals on special occasions. This group will meet every other Saturday and is open to ages 16 and older. Please click the image above to sign up!